Wrapped in grace of plants, to healthy beauty hair

Amino acid type detergent ingredients formulation / betaine type detergent ingredient formulation

500mL 972¥
370mL 648¥

Natvra Shampoo     500mL 972¥
Natvra Shampoo Refill     370mL 648¥

Fluffy light bubbles envelop the whole hair,
While preventing friction damage,
Porridge First wash it smoothly.

500mL ¥972
370mL ¥648

Natvra Conditioner
500mL 972¥

Natvra Conditioner Refill
370mL 648¥

With a thick cream, wrap the whole hair,
Repair and protect damaged hair,
It leads to good healthy hair with finger street.

200g 972¥

Natvra Treatment 200g 972¥

Highly damaged damage care ingredient adheres to hair,
Repair thoroughly from the inside. Deep moist capsule
Gives moisture and gloss and leads to beauty hair.

Luxury blend of 10 kinds of natural aroma oil

Synthetic perfume not used. Fresh and gentle fragrance of natural aroma oil
Enclosing both hair and heart, heals the tiredness of the day.

Botanical repair prescription

Damage repair of plant origin · Four kinds of protective ingredients are compounded.
We arrange cuticle disorder and lead to healthy beautiful hair.

Gloss & Texture UP

Blend high quality natural origin oil and butter.
Gives gloss and leads to supple hair with good fingers.

Olive oil, Argan oil * 2, Jojoba seed oil, Shea butter * 3, Mango butter * 4, Cacao butter * 5
* 2: Argania spinosa nuclear oil * 3: Shea butter * 4: mango seed fat * 5: cocoa butter

Honey having a high moisturizing power and also used for skin care ingredients
5 types of combination. It leads to beauty hair gathered to moist and hair ends.

Lacto royal – J * 6, honey, hydrolyzed honey protein, beeswax, royal jelly extract
* 6: Lactobacillus / royal jelly fermentation broth