Botanical Repair Formule

The power of plants Damage Care

Natural and simple without additive
It’s Natural Value
These two important thoughts are put in “Natvra (Natura)”.

Enveloped in the blessings of nature, gentle to the hearth and body.
It will refresh and reset yourself.

Be filled with comfort
A value that can not be substituted by anything.
With Natvra

Maple water

Valuable ingredients extracted from maple sap. It is said that there is cell proliferation action and high moisturizing action to give vitality to cells. It repairs damaged cuticle and leads to healthy and beautiful hair with firmness.

Damage repair and protection

Damage repair of plant origin · Four kinds of protective ingredients are compounded.
We arrange cuticle disorder and lead to healthy beautiful hair.。

Coffee seed extract

A component extracted from coffee beans. It is rich in polyphenols and is said to have the effect of protecting against oxidative stress. It can suppress the damage of the cuticle due to daily damage such as ultraviolet rays and can expect the effect of protecting the hair.

Meadowfoam Estolide

A component extracted from Meadowestolide seed. It is said to have excellent water retention ability, and repair damage by hair color, dryer, etc. Supplies moisture to the hair, it gathers moist up to the tip of the hair, finish it with a supple texture.

Hydrolyzed soy protein

A component derived from soybean. It is said that by damage such as hair color and perm, it firmly adsorbs to the weakened hair to restore the strength. It prevents serious damage such as split hair and cut hair and leads to a smooth texture.

Natural oil & 6 butter types

Blend high quality natural origin oil and butter.
Gives gloss and leads to supple hair with good fingers.

Honey Combination of 5 beautiful hair ingredients

Honey having a high moisturizing power and also used for skin care ingredients
5 types of combination. It leads to beauty hair gathered to moist and hair ends.